Norman SmartFit Cellular Shade for French Doors and Side Lights

Window Treatments for French Doors and Skylights

We love French doors in Florida. We love skylights in Florida. The light is beautiful but the sun gets hot!!! Window treatments look to be the solution but what kind of window treatments?

Your french door probably has a lovely lever handle that swoops gracefully across the glass. Their ergonomic design makes them easy to use and the curve is visually pleasing but these little beauties create big problems for window treatments. Blinds won’t fit behind them – and even if they would, blinds bang and clang every time the door is opened. Shutters require costly cut-outs to accommodate the handles. Don’t fret, cellular shades are a great option. SmartFit cellular shades are an even better option.

SmartFit Shades Are Cordless

What is so special about SmartFit cellular shades? First, they are always cordless. As any pet owner knows, cords from shades are a temptation to playful kitties and curious pups. As any parent of  a toddler knows, the cords can be a hazard to small children. Beyond the safety and practical nature of cordless lift systems, the absence of dangling cords also looks better.

SmartFit Shades Provide Top Down & Bottom Up Lift

SmartFit shades always open from the bottom and from the top. Confusing?  Look at the photo above. Imagine laying in bed on a Saturday morning….you drop the shade from the top so you get light but still have privacy.

SmartFit Shades Have Unique Tension Cord Design

SmartFit shades run up and down on tension cords mounted very close to the edge of the shades. This allows   the tightest possible fit within a window which nearly elimates light leakage along the sides of the shade. This tension cord makes them well suited for skylights. The tension cord runs the length of the shade and holds it securely within the skylight with out the traditional aluminum rails previously required for this type of mount. The tension cords also keep the shades firmly affixed to doors so there is little movement – and no banging or clanging – when the door is opened or closed.

SmartFit Shades Are Available From Made in the Shade Blinds & More

Made in the Shade Blinds & More of Central Florida can show you Smart Fit and other cellular shades to see if they are the right option for you. Through free in-home consultations, we will help you find the best product for your needs, budget AND style. Call us today at 407-300-1814.