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Vertical Blinds
Window Treatments for Sliding Doors or Large Windows

Vertical Blinds | Central Florida

Vertical blinds are the perfect window treatment solution for sliding glass doors or large windows. They customize to any window size in any room. Made in the Shade offers a variety of styles to meet your budget. Choose from vinyl or designer fabrics to match any room in your home. Our vertical blinds rotate and move across your sliding door or window to allow your preference of lighting entering through your room. They can open and tightly stack to one side to allow a full outside view.

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Vertical Blind Benefits:

  • Easily adjustable to allow your lighting preference
  • Offers privacy to any room
  • Long-lasting
  • Vertical blinds are easily to clean since they don’t accumulate dust
  • Choose a roller shade material to perfectly coordinate your window roller shades and your sliding door
  • Variety of design options and customization
  • Since they can be tightly closed, they take up less space than curtains
  • Choose from a large selection of material to meet your budget from classic vinyl to elegant wood