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Building or Renovating? When should I think about Window Treatments?

Building or Renovating….When is the best time to think about window treatments?

There are so many choices to make when you are building or renovating a home. Tile floors? Wood floors? Tile that looks like wood? Paint colors. Counter tops. Cabinets. Fixtures. Appliances. Wow! It can get overwhelming. On top of the sheer number of decisions to be made, one decision can impact the next so timing becomes an issue. That brings me to my original question. When is the best time to think about window treatments?

While window treatments will be one of the final items installed in your home, thinking about them and planning for them in advance can be very helpful. Window treatment consultations with Made in the Shade Blinds & More of Central Florida are complimentary. Meeting with us early in construction – even pre-construction – can ensure you get what you want with in the most ideal way.

Consider the following:

Window Shutters

shutters livingroomIf you love plantation shutters, details such as your window sills and window framing can greatly impact the type of shutter frame you can use and hence the way the shutters are mounted. If you want shutters on any of your doors, the style and placement of handles can have a huge impact on the price and look of the shutters. We even have some tips for how your home is painted that are important for ideal shutter aesthetics.

Motorized Window Treatments

motorizationDo you want to be able to control your window treatments with the touch of a button? Motorization is for you. Whether you are a tech junkie and want everything motorized – or you have really high or inaccessible windows that require motorization – the best time to talk about motorization is before the drywall goes onto the walls. We can power most shades with batteries but it is so much better to have them tied into your electrical system. Even if you decide not to motorize window treatments from the beginning, wiring for future motorized treatments is easy during construction. A consultation with Made in the Shade during the early construction phase can help you plan for your needs now and in the future.

There are many types of window treatments from which you can choose. Within each style there are patterns, styles, color, lifts, and more. All of these things are part of the price of the window dressing. A consultation with Made in the Shade Blinds & More of Central Florida early in the construction phase can help develop the look and feel of your home while also giving you realistic budget expectations.

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